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Morgan Murakami

I am a proud Citizen of the Cherokee Nation, an educator, wife, daughter, sister, dog mom, and craft enthusiast. I have spent the last 10 years working in education at all levels in Kansas, Missouri, Alaska, and Montana. I have taught grades 5-8 as a full-time, classroom teacher, and most recently worked for a state education agency as an American Indian Student Achievement Specialist. I received my AA in paraprofessional education and BS in elementary education from Haskell Indian Nations University as well as my M.Ed. in Learning and Technology from Western Governors University. 

I am currently enrolled full-time at the University of Kansas working towards my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy studies. 

Professional photo of owner, Morgan Murakami.


The mission of 7th Generation Education is to support indigenous futures through the seamless implementation of culturally relevant learning experiences for the benefit of all.


7th Generation Education will provide guidance to PK-20 public education agencies and their collaborative partners to meaningfully implement indigenous ways of teaching and learning for the benefit of all learners. 

The Full Story


Seven generations ago, my 6th-great grandmother Sallie was forced from her homelands in what is now Northeastern Georgia with her young child Ah-ley (Ellen) to Indian Territory Oklahoma. Through the generations, my family was assimilated into dominant society. I did not have the privilege of learning about my Cherokee roots until adulthood, and have had my work cut out for me as I try to revitalize our traditional ways of life within myself and my family. It is work that will never be complete. As a white-coding Citizen of the Cherokee Nation, my family always just identified as "white". Our family's Cherokee history was rarely discussed, nor were there adequate opportunities to learn about indigenous history as I navigated my K-12 educational experience in the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas. 


Upon beginning my college education at Haskell Indian Nations University, I was not prepared for the life I was about to step into. To say I had to learn a few things along the way would be an understatement. Originally opened in 1884 as an Indian boarding school, modeled after the original school founded by General Henry Pratt with the mission to "kill the Indian, save the man", Haskell is today operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a Tribal College & University. Haskell requires all students take courses to learn about indigenous history, literature, tribal languages, and so much more.  I can say, without hesitation, that my years at Haskell were some of the most challenging, uncomfortable, and rewarding years of my life. 


As I grew into my career as an educator, experiencing a variety of roles across Turtle Island, I continued to identify an overwhelming need for indigenous representation within education. Whether it be through curriculum and lesson plans, supporting indigenous educators, or creating classroom environments rooted in cultural humility and understanding- regardless of the school's location, I firmly believe that Indigenous Pedagogies (ways of teaching and learning) are good for ALL students. 


Founded in 2023, the goal of 7th Generation Education (7thGenEd) is to bring visibility to the inequitable policies and practices that our current Western education system was built upon and drive change at all levels. It is time for us to exercise our educational sovereignty and create learning environments that not only help our students and communities thrive, but bring honor to those who came before us and fought like hell to ensure we had the opportunity to keep moving forward. We are resilient. We are here. We need to educate our youth in a manner that our ancestors seven generations ago would have been proud of. By taking action now, we can continue to elicit the resilience that is within each of us to create sustainable, intentional, holistic educational experiences rooted in our traditional ways for the next seven generations to come. 

ᎤᏓntᎢᏳ ᏕᏣᏓᏅᏫᏗsgᎡsdᎢ (nudantiyu detsadanvwidisgesdi)

Let us encourage and instruct one another in a gentle and thoughtful way.

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